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Hello everyone☆
The picture's of me with Fanta
Don't look like I've changed, right?
But you know, I have, inside
I'm overflowing with motivation
My passion from before I studied abroad isn't gone
My resolve and passion keep growing
Well then
Sudden update
I'm going to be in a movie
Okay, so
The truth is I wanted to do a lot of work
And wait until the December 7th event
To tell everyone about this and that and surprise you all
And until then, not upload a blog or my pictures or anything
'Cause if I keep moving below the surface, and on the day of the event
Suddenly appear
That way's more dramatic and has more of an impact
It really can't be helped when you do work outside
It doesn't move as Sakurada wants it to
But it's fine
I'm always happy
And so
In the movie "Marching ~Ashita E~"
I will be playing the main role
I'm going to be acting
It's been so long, I'm really looking forward to it
I'm trying out a lot of things I've been thinking of
The story's great, too
All of it, all of it is great
So exciting
I have
Other work I still can't tell you about
I remember someone told me that when I come back from study abroad, I might not have a place to return to
It all
Depends on yourself
I'll do my best
Keep doing my best in this world
I'm not gonna lose
I wanna do a lot
I promise
I'll do my best
I'm going to do my best
I'm a can-do guy
Ja (TωT)/ ・・・

ermergosh the kaomoji kind of changed BIG STUFF IS COMING GUYS

Sakura da Festa


Hello everyone☆
Once again, this is Sakurada Dori
Who has finished his study abroad
And come back for a new announcement
Well, you can already tell from the title
During my study abroad and when I announced I was back
Everyone gave me so many messages
It made me really so happy
Thank you very much
I wanted to meet with everyone
And tell you all directly what I felt during my study abroad and what I hope to do from now on
It's been decided
I'll have a birthday event on December 7th
I'll convey what I learned and felt during my study abroad
My future dreams and hopes
And my upcoming activities, all directly in person
I imagine it'll be a completely different event than those before
I hope you come to get a feel of my thoughts
I'll make sure you won't regret it
Please do support me
Okay, so
This is the schedule

That's how it's going to go
It seems like it's been quite a while since I've had this feeling
December 7th
Let's meet again on this day
Ja (TωT)/~~~

crappy late 3 am translation SRRY GUYS COLLEGE LIFE AND STUFF



Hello everyone☆
It's been a while
It'd be annoying
If I
Suddenly went
Just because I studied abroad
Really annoying
Overseas influence
I just wanted to let you all know for now that I'm back
I'm already preparing for what's coming up next
When I can update with more proper information
I'll official update the Blog
In any case, right now, I'm all full of energy and overflowing with motivation
So don't worry
Really, thank you so much for all the messages
Now I'm going to be returning all of the thanks
Ja (TωT)/~~~

the first thing I thought of was okay you're starting college you know you won't have as much time as you used to and and and
that lasted for all of half a second ヽ(;∀;)ノ
idk keep on livejournal are more ppl on tumblr now am i even gonna keep translating IDK I MOVE IN TONIGHT WHAT IS YOUR TIMING SHAKURADA

Thanks for everything

Dori's going to stop daily use of his blog for the duration of his study abroad, which he's estimated to last for a little under a year.  As a result, amai_akegata translations will now end.

lots of cheeseCollapse )

I have a lot of things I want to say to Dori, but that'll be for when I muster up the courage to comment on his blog (as he did say he'd be checking comments every now and then).  With that note, I'd like to be able to do one last thing for all of you as a thanks for being so wonderfully encouraging and kind, so if you have something you'd like to say to Dori, I'd be more than happy to translate it into Japanese for you.  Of course, he is studying abroad, so maybe you'd prefer to comment partially or completely in English, and maybe you'd feel it'd be more genuine that way--the choice is completely up to you, but I'll be here if you need me.  I still get e-mail notifications for comments, so go ahead and comment whenever you feel like it.

Thanks again for everything, guys.  If you'd like to stay in contact, just send me a pm (my personal is inactive) ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Sakurada Dori || Uehara Takuya
What a week to go on hiatus, huh?  Sorry for the wait, guys, but I wanted to think over what I was going to do with this project, so a post about that will be coming up soon.  Thanks for your patience (。・ω・)ノ゙

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Sakurada Dori || Uehara Takuya

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Sakurada Dori || Uehara Takuya

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Sakurada Dori || Uehara Takuya

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Sakurada Dori || Uehara Takuya
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Sakurada Dori || Uehara Takuya
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